About Us

Agricultural Development Partners’ Linkage Advisory Council (ADPLAC) 


Modern agriculture integrated with the rest of the economy and a wealthy society free from food insecurity and poverty.


Create modern, effective, and efficient agricultural extension system through enhanced market-oriented, demand-driven, and pluralistic extension services to promote improved technologies, good practices, and methods, which enable the society to achieve food security and create wealth.


To transform Ethiopia’s agriculture through the implementation of pluralistic extension system by providing demand-driven and market-oriented extension services to male, female and youth farmers, pastoralists and agro pastoralists.

Our story

Addressing diverse and complex problems of agriculture require the coordinated efforts of individuals, groups, institutions, and organizations at various levels. Taking this principle into consideration, the government of Ethiopia established Agricultural Development Partners’ Linkage Advisory Council (ADPLAC) in 2008 to enhance linkage and coordination among potential partners engaged in agricultural extension, research, and development at different levels, from the Federal to the Woreda levels. Since its formation, ADPLAC has helped to bring together various actors by building new collaborations, encouraging a culture of working together, enhancing a demand driven agricultural research system for more impact and by helping shift the research agenda towards farmers’ needs through joint identification of problems and development of innovations to solve them.

While ADPLAC has been successful in some areas, largely it has failed to achieve its overarching mission of effectively linking actors in the research and extension sectors. This strategy identified three bottlenecks affecting smooth implementation of ADAPLAC

(1) lack of vibrant linkage and alignments;

(2) weak coordination and communication between agricultural sectors and HLIs/ATVETs; and

(3) inability to take responsibility and accountability in linkage platforms.

This strategy has developed two systemic interventions to address the bottlenecks

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