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Trainings, methods በዘመናዊ የዶሮ እርባታ ስራ ለአነስተኛ ዶሮ አርቢዎች የተዘጋጀ የዶሮ መኖ አዘገጃጀትና አጠቃቀም ማኑዋል (Poultry) Training of Trainers on...

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Research, studies

Research, studies The Ethiopian Agricultural Extension System and Its Role as a Development Actor: Cases from Southwestern Ethiopia The agricultural...

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Project, reports

Projects, reports TREE Project: Trilateral Resilience Enhancement in the Ethiopian Lowlands (Afar Region) More documents

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About Us

About Us Agricultural Development Partners’ Linkage Advisory Council (ADPLAC)  Vision Modern agriculture integrated with the rest of the economy and...

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