The First Regional Learning Event in Amhara Region, Bahir Dar City

The regional learning event was conducted in the Amhara region Bahir Dar town from May 4 – 8 for 38 participants (33 Male and 5 Female) from Federal, Regional, Zonal, district and kebele levels extension personnel including agricultural research centers, universities, and other stakeholders. The event was organized by MoA (Directorate of Extension), IFAD funded Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (IFAD-PARM) and African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS). The participants from MoA Mandate Zonation selected regional, zonal, district and kebele.

The general objective of the mission was to create awareness about the concept of mandate zonation approach and share knowledge on agricultural risk management.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Understand the priorities of the mandate zonation in the region.
  2. To develop plan jointly (research, extension, Bahir Dar, Injibara and Debre Markos university) for the selected mandate zonation kebeles.
  3. Introduce the ARM concept and its potential value to the region.
  4. Adapt and initiate the PARM learning cycle 1.
  5. Draft the coaching plan for the region.
The Participants Attending the Learning Event

The opening remark was given by Mrs. Yenenesh Egu, Director, Agricultural Extension Directorate. The main activity of event was briefing about the concept of mandate zonation approach and how PARM can add value and interlinked with mandate zonation approach.  Moreover, there was presentation about PARM and its objectives in Ethiopia including CD approach.

The AFAAS ED Dr. Silim Nahdy, delivered an encouragement speech for the regional leaning event participants. In his speech, his highlighted the role of ADPLAC in bringing different stakeholder and create space for learning and sharing experiences among actors. He appreciated the organizers for picking ARM and CSA to the attention of extension service providers. Finally, he confirmed that AFAAS is keen to provide the needed support to ADPLAC.

Dr. Silim Nahdy, AFAAS Executive Director, addressing participants virtually.

The first regional learning event in Amhara held and better understanding of ARM among participants created. Potential lists of Learning Facilitators are identified, inputs for joint planning development collected and orientation on data collection template for the agricultural risk assessment provided.